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What Can Happen To Your Body If You Start Eating Oranges

In a time of transoceanic travels and rare medical advances, sailors used to fear scurvy, a disease that affected them the most. Today, we know that scurvy is no more than a deficiency of vitamin C in our body and that by simply eating an orange a day, it can be cured.

Our Bright Side team wanted to show you all the benefits eating an orange a day can offer your body so that you can stay healthy.

1. It aids with gut health.

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According to some studies, the daily consumption of oranges can have a positive effect on our intestinal microbiota. It also causes a drop in glucose, insulin sensitivity, and LDL (bad cholesterol). Orange juice acts as a prebiotic and promotes the growth of gut bacteria, which is important for our health.

2. It can help you on your weight loss journey.

What Can Happen To Your Body If You Start Eating Oranges

In order to achieve our weight loss goals, we need to work out and have a balanced diet, which means eating all the nutrients our bodies need to function properly. Luckily for us, oranges are very rich in essential nutrients; by eating just one orange a day, we can cover some of them.

A medium-sized orange provides the body with just 60 calories. The fruit also has 3 grams of fiber, which provides benefits like better bowel health, good cholesterol, and a lower risk of heart disease, and it also slows down the way our bodies absorb sugar.

Fiber can also help us feel full for longer periods of time. Having a diet rich in it can help reduce our cravings and our calorie intake, resulting in weight loss. When you’re eating an orange, make sure to consume not only the juice but also the orange flesh since that’s where most of the fiber is located.

3. It assists your body in the creation of collagen.

What Can Happen To Your Body If You Start Eating Oranges

One orange provides around 70 milligrams of vitamin C. This vital nutrient has incredible benefits too, like improving iron absorption, fighting inflammation, and lowering blood pressure, and it also helps to form collagen in our bones.

Collagen is a protein that our bodies produce. It gives structural support to tissues and helps in important processes, like tissue repair and immune response. As we get older, our collagen production slows down and our elastin gets lost, resulting in aging and our skin looking saggy and dry.

It’s not possible to stop collagen loss altogether because it’s part of getting older, but we can try to slow the process, and eating an orange a day might make a difference.


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