Verification: 254416efef74e6f1 Pumpkin painting ideas – 10 easy and stylish looks for adults and kids alike

Pumpkin painting ideas – 10 easy and stylish looks for adults and kids alike

Whether you’re looking for pumpkin painting ideas that are chic or scary, these easy options will elevate your Halloween;

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The right pumpkin painting ideas can turn your Halloween into a frightening spectacle, or a chic setup that complements your interior design scheme.

Pumpkin carving tends to get all the fanfare around October 31, but there are a lot of advantages to painting pumpkins. For one, you don’t have to clean out the inside of the pumpkin, so there’s less mess. Plus, pumpkins that haven’t been carved last longer, so you can enjoy the fruits of your crafting longer. Paint also offers a better chance to get creative with your Halloween decorating ideas, since the options for color and pattern are endless.

While the key to a beautifully painted pumpkin is the right inspiration, like when considering pumpkin carving ideas, it’s also about choosing the right pumpkin, something that won’t rot out before the trick-or-treaters arrive. 

‘Avoid supermarket pumpkins and find a local farm, the pumpkins tend to be much bigger from farms,’ says pumpkin artist Jamie Jones(opens in new tab). ‘And always try and find a pumpkin with a long firm stem, a soft stem is a sign the pumpkin is starting to rot or has a fungus infection and won’t last very long.’

It’s equally important to clean your pumpkin prior to painting, which can be done with soapy water and a sponge.

Once your pumpkin is prepped, it’s time to get out the paintbrush for some of our favorite easy, no-carve pumpkin ideas.


‘Painting pumpkins is one of the easiest and most satisfying Halloween craft ideas,’ says Jo Bailey, stylist and Homes & Gardens‘ Deputy Editor. ‘Whether your pumpkin is part of your Halloween porch decor, or will take a seat at your Halloween table, these ideas will help you set a vision for your squash.’ 


If you prefer your outdoor Halloween decor to be on the restrained side, it doesn’t get more chic or classic than black-and-white stripes. To get this look, paint alternating colors between the ribs of the pumpkins, and finish off with gold spray paint on the stem, and a coat of high-gloss lacquer.

Want to enjoy your hard work for years to come? Paint ceramic or foam pumpkins instead. Choose a color scheme that will match your fall planter ideas for a perfectly coordinated look.

When should you put your pumpkins out? ‘Received wisdom is that pumpkins kept outside can last a good couple of months,’ says Rachel Crow, Homes & Gardens‘ Gardens Editor. ‘So you really can put pumpkins out as fall starts, the decorate them for Halloween in the days running up to the celebrations.’

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