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Cats Slap Each Other for 4 Reasons

Cats are good at playing, and they’re always up for a game of “slap the cat.” If you’ve ever had a cat play with you, then you know how much fun it can be. But why? What’s going on in your pet’s brain that makes them want to play but also have the ability to hit each other? As it turns out, there are four main reasons why cats slap each other:

When Playtime Started

Cats play for many reasons, but the most important one is that it’s a form of communication. Your cat may not be able to talk or write your name on the wall with a Sharpie, but he can play an important role in helping him learn about his environment and other cats in his life. Play also helps cats bond with each other and practice their skills like hunting or climbing, which they use later on when they need to hunt down food or defend their territory from another cat who wants it all for himself!

Cats love playing together because it relieves stress—they don’t have to worry about being alone anymore! When you’re away at work all day long (or just feeling lonely), having something new around will keep your kitty busy and entertained until next time comes around again; plus no one else needs any excuses either since we all know how much fun there is when everyone has time off work together.”

Instincts of Predation

Cats are predators, and they use a lot of hunting instincts in their play.

Slapping is a form of hunting for cats. They will slap each other to practice hunting and get familiar with the sound that their prey makes when struck by a paw or clawed foot. Cats will also slap each other to see how loud the sound is, how hard it hits the body, and how many times it can be repeated before someone gets hurt (or even killed).

Illness and stress

Stress, illness and moving are all common reasons for cats to lash out at each other. Some people think that the stress of a new cat in the house is what causes these attacks. But it could also be stress from illness or even just moving.

For example: if you have two cats and one gets sick, they will be stressed out by the other being sick too—and they may fight over who gets to sit on top of their favorite spot on the couch!

Interact Aggression and a Lack of Resources

Cats can be aggressive towards each other, but it’s not always a bad thing. If you have more than one cat in your home and they’re all friends, then you may see some fighting between them.

Cats are territorial creatures who like to mark their territory and make sure no other cats use their area as theirs. This is why many people find that having two or three cats living together helps keep the peace between them!

However, if you have only one or two (or even three) cats in your home and they’re not close with each other yet then this could cause problems down the road. It’s important that these animals learn how to interact properly before getting too close — otherwise there could be an angry altercation over something as simple as food!

Cats have a lot of personality, but they’re also quite social. When cats are interacting, they tend to do so by playing with each other—and if you watch closely enough you can see that they slap and pounce on their friends. The reasons behind this behavior are not well understood, but there are certain commonalities among all instances of cat slapping: the cat’s owner or caretaker is present at the time; and both parties are trying to establish dominance over one another or just play around.

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