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 +40 Sensory Play Ideas for Kids of All Ages!

Sensory Activities for Kids: in this post, you will be able to explore sensory processing and the benefits of sensory play. We will also share a comprehensive list of sensory activities for kids of all ages. You will be able to download the PDF “My Sensory Menu” with the complete list of suggested activities indicating the sensory system involved (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, proprioception, and vestibular systems).

This post was written in collaboration with Dani, a support worker and a special education aid, who has significant first-hand knowledge of how you experience the world when you have sensory processing issues.

She has been a terrific help for us during the last four years. Her understanding of this topic has helped us meet our son’s sensory needs better. And, she keeps coming to us with great sensory activity suggestions.

A few words from Dani:

Before we jump into this post, let me take the time to explain a little bit about my background and my interest in sensory processing and activities. I am a twenty-eight-year-old woman who works with children and young adults with disabilities. I also previously studied and worked in the early childhood education sector.

I also happen to be an Autistic adult with other additional diagnoses, including a sensory nervous system acute dysfunction, which has made me rather aware of sensory needs. So, let’s expand our understanding of sensory processing and sensory play benefits. And, I will enumerate a list of sensory activities for kids you may wish to consider.

What is Sensory Processing?
Sensory processing is how the body and brain organize sensations, both internal and external, making it possible for the body to function effectively and make sense of the world.

Five primary senses are widely recognized. These senses are sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. I will briefly explain these senses below, and also two lesser-known senses, proprioception and vestibular perception, and their importance in development.

Proprioception and vestibular perception are part of the internal sensory and perception systems that would also include nociception (pain).

Let’s take a brief look at these seven human senses.


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