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10 reasons for delayed speech in children and how to overcome them

Mothers are anxiously waiting to hear the sound or scream of their newborn from the moment they are born, as they become more excited to hear his squeak to the point that they cannot wait for him to utter his first words, causing panic and fear for parents when their child is late in speaking while they notice that other children They do speak, however, on the positive side, most children who speak at a slow pace often end up speaking as normal as the rest of the children within two years.

It is also important to know when it may be too late for us to be concerned about the problem and to explore medical treatment options.

In order for all this to happen, we must first know the causes of delayed speech in children and try to understand them:-
1) Delayed growth in general:- This condition is most often temporary; As the child grows over the years to be a completely normal human being with sound intellectual and verbal abilities.
2) Autism:- Delayed speech is one of the symptoms of autism. Thus, if you are already aware that your child has autism, you can expect his speech delay and prepare for it.
3) Stuttering: This condition is characterized by the fact that the child is not able to make correct sounds. Hence, if you feel that the sounds your baby is making don’t mean anything, you should take that very seriously and talk to your pediatrician about the same.

4) Unperformance:- In this case, you will notice that your child is very active and eager to communicate. But he tries to avoid speaking as much as possible and tries to compensate for the lack of speech with gestures and gestures, which requires immediate treatment.
5) Listening to multiple languages: Children who are used to listening to multiple languages ​​in their homes often end up feeling confused. This is because they have


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